Quantum Mechanics as an approximation of some deterministic discrete theory: towards the Great Unifi… hidden variables

Michio Kaku in the prison of calculus

You probably remember Einstein’s famous saying: ‘God doesn’t play dice’. Yes, he probably does not if QM is an approximation of some (semi) discrete theory. Just imagine that. There are no such problems as wave-particle duality or wave function collapse anymore, Schrodinger’s cat is definitely dead (unfortunately, cats die) and there is a very simple explanation how energy can take the form of matter (‘mass’ is a quite vague definition). However, the world becomes a very strange timeless semi-deterministic place we already saw before. There is a hope for the freedom of will as an emergent phenomenon though. Can’t imagine? Read more.

Ridley Scott's Exodus: what a real miracle really looks like?

Ridley Scott shows a miracle to Sigourney Weaver

Hey, that’s Ridley Scott’s movie. Do you really find it dull or hollow? There should be something more than sandy cityscapes and spectacular battle scenes. Surprisingly, there is, but it takes time to see this, so there are high chances that you may ban the movie in your heart or country before you accept it. Its reception definitely correlates with the amount of flexibility in one’s psyche. Yes, Scott tries to rationalize the Bible. But why he does this? Is this a straightforward rationalization, which dissolves miracles into the chains of facts without any alternative – the something shown, for example, in Hercules? The answer is “No” if you believe in miracles. Miracles may still be miracles, and this reminds us what a real miracle should look like. [spoilers]