The tensor of Bukowski or in search of tricky ways to say that a work of art is a shit

Often watching a movie series or reading a book we intuitively realize that we like or dislike it, but it's hard to say why. The assessment system described below helps to understand this in a more reasonable way (I hope so), so we would be able to tell, is it worth to continue to watch or read that book or movie or it's better to drop it. Let's examine this in more details, and try to apply the system, for example, for the "Star Wars", to see why they're a shit and why this shit is so glorious.

Note: the name of Bukowski was chosen only because it's consonant with Minkovski, but he probably have had a quite similar point of view on this account.

How to Draw a Day/Night World Map

Actually, there is nothing too hard. Nowadays we could do this using only plain JavaScript and a HTML5 canvas, so let's do it.